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GMCoin is a TRC10 system contract level token that is created at 24/04/2019 in TRON Blockchain Ecosystem. GMC is mainly minted to create a payment and trade ecosystem for the company “GM Informatics JSC”. GM Informatics Joint Stock Company is a ten years old, fully working, profitable; IT and ICT Managed Service Provider. Since 2009 company is in business and GM is one of the well known company in Managed IT Services in Turkey. They have many projects but the biggest one ever heard is “Tokenization of a Fully Working Company”. What we state with tokenization is segmented into two phases.

First phase is to trade with its own cryptocurrency GMCoin, like receiving payment, making payments, payrolls, vendors payments etc… GM Informatics believes this can be achievable in a 3 years period and claims that they have already started trading with GMCoin with its own customer base. After 3 years company is planning to issue an security token named “GMI” (GMInvest) token. Until that time GM believes securitization of the company via blockchain based technologies will be fully legal. So with GMI investors can invest in a fully working, profitable and transparent company.

The company says that their first step is to integrate GMCoin to their companies, customers, vendors, partners etc… and states; Rather than focusing on technical sides of blockchain and cryptocurrencies we want to create a fully working cryptocurrency and cryptoasset ecosystems with GMCoin (GMC) and GMInvest (GMI), since we are not a startup company or a kickstarter project we want to show world that companies can work without middleagents (Banks) and make profits with fully transparent cryptocurrency schemes”

For this the company has stepped into a pre-ico state in Tron ecosystem with token id: 1002357. You can also reach the pre-ico website from the link:

Right now the token is paired with TRX which is a TRONs native currency and has a pair price 0,7 TRX. Investors can participate in this pre-ico with 0,7 TRX = 1 GMC. GMCoin is capped to 80 millions and the injection model can be seen in below graphics;

CEO Mehmet Ali Demirci states that the price of the token will be 1 TRX so early investors can make profits with pre-ico and ico states. The company also planning Initial Exchange Offering in multiple exchanges and talking with Exchanges right now for the future IEOs.

GMCoin (GMC) will be a gateway currency to obtain GMInvest (GMI) tokens which is attached to company securities like shares and equities.

Till now GMCoin has taken good interest within TRON ecosystem early investors and funded more than a million TRX which is close to 50.000 USD

For more information the company website can be reachable at and the token website can be reachable at The company has also a broader contented Turkish website

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