GPU Mining Cortex (CTXC) the AI on Blockchain Project

The Cortex (CTXC) AI on Blockchain crypto project caught our attention recently with the Cortex algorithm getting added in the GMiner 1.80 miner and the recent Binance listing of CTXC. One of the more interesting goals of the project includes implementing AI DApps (Artificial Intelligence Decentralized Applications) on the blockchain, so thinking along the lines of Ethereum with AI and machine learning. The project does seem to have some solid backing, but apparently initially mostly focused on the Asian market and thus not getting a lot of attention outside the continent up until recently. Have in mind that Cortex is just starting to develop and needs more work, even though it has been launched more than a year ago apparently…

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As we have mentioned if you are interested in mining Cortex (CTXC), you would probably go for the latest GMiner software, though mind you the developer fee for the Cortex algorithm is pretty high at 5%, unlike the regular 2% for other supported algorithms. There are still just a few mining pools available wit support for CTXC and no wonder the largest one is Russian called Frostypool, though you should easily figure out how to use it. Alternatively you could go for CortexMint or CortexPool. The network is not that big, so apparently not that many users mining currently, though it seems that already half of the total supply of coins is in circulation and there is a lot of trading going on on some of the large Asian exchanges such as OKEx, Bithumb, Huobi etc. where most of the trading volume is.

It is interesting to note that the hashrate reported by the GMiner in G/s is not the same as the hashrate that you see poolside in H/s, so this is creating some confusion among users and is making it harder to actually calculate how much you can earn mining CTXC. It is best to see your poolside hashrate and then do the math and not rely on G/s data from the miner, but here is an estimate on what you can expect to earn from 6x GTX 1080 Ti at the moment – around 50000 BTC satoshi equivalent or about $3.6 USD equivalent per day.


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