September 20, 2018


Greek Court Rules in Favor of Alexander Vinnik’s Extradition to Russia Causing a Legal Controversy

The council of judges in Saloniki has ruled on October 11th that Russian national Alexander Vinnik suspected of fraud has to be extradited to Russia. This grants the request from Russia’s general prosecutor.

According to Mr. Vinnik’s lawyer Ilias Spirliadis, this causes a legal controversy as another council of judges has ruled on October 4th that Mr. Vinnik will be extradited to the U.S. The final saying in this case belongs to Greece’s minister for justice who individually makes such decisions.

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Mr. Vinnik was detained in Greece on July 25th at the request of the U.S. He was accused on 21 charges, including laundering of $4 billion and creation of cryptocurrency exchange BTC-e to run illegal operations.

The exchange has rebutted any connection to Mr. Vinnik, though he admitted that he “was performing his duties” there.

Russia also presses fraud charges against Mr. Vinnik. Earlier he agreed to extradition to Russia.


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