GreenX: Invest in green projects all over the world

Natural energy resources are limited, and the world is in dire need of efficient renewable sources of energy. Companies like Tesla are actively striving to reduce the environmental impact of our economies but, their efforts, alone, are not enough.

The global community needs to act together, without borders to come up with ingenious new ways of using renewable sources of energy. The good news is that the green or renewable energy industry is growing steadily. In 2007, only 99 Gigawatts of renewable energy was produced from all over the world. In contrast, 2016 saw a record high of 2011.3 Gigawatts of energy being produced from renewable sources.

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This accounts for 24% of the global electricity produced in 2016. Most of the energy was produced through hydropower, the rest with the help of solar and wind power. However, the green industry has historically been difficult to invest in. Mostly, due to high costs because it is still a comparatively new field.

GreenX wants to remove this limitation by making it easy for investors from all over the world to invest in green projects. This will remove the limitation of borders and pave the way for better research in the field of renewable energy. The trend for green energy is steadily increasing as people become more and more aware of the ill-effects of fossil fuel on the environment.

By developing a blockchain backed platform, GreenX aims to grow the green industry and at the same time make it more liquid. The platform the company is developing will benefit both, investors and the developers. For the former, GreenX will be providing accredited, transparent projects, in which they can invest and expect returns.

For the latter – developers – GreenX will provide investors from all over the world. What makes GreenX better than the conventional modes of investment is that the investments will be upfront and there will be no risk of delay.

The whole platform will be powered by an ERC-20 type GreenX token, which will be known as GEX on the platform. The investors will invest with the help of GEX, and the developers will receive their investments in the form of GEX.

The Market

As discussed above, the market for renewable energy resources is increasing. People are becoming more and more aware and want to protect the environment from the damage caused by fossil fuels.

In the USA alone, energy produced from renewable resources has increased from less than 10% to more than 17.5% in the last decade. This growth shows promise, and consequently, it is the right time for GreenX to enter this market. The blockchain based company will combine two of the most innovative technologies of the modern world to pave the way for a brighter future.

The trend for greener energy is not just limited to the USA, it is increasing all over the world. China is leading the world in increasing its wind power capacity. GreenX will support such projects all over the world, connecting eco-conscious investors with green companies, which want to improve the planet.

What GreenX Offers

GreenX is creating a platform that will benefit both the investors and the developers of the project. Normally, the green energy developers and companies face hurdles while collecting investments due to market limitations. They have little to no negotiation power while dealing with large investors since the industry is in such a nascent stage. Lastly, investors usually release funds slowly, and this can delay the completion of projects and cause more damage.

With GreenX, the institutional investors will be exposed to a larger pool of developers as the platform will hold developers from all over the world. The investors will have little difficulty finding new projects. Their investments will be much more liquid than usual.

For individual investors and small-time investors, GreenX will allow smaller investments and will offer them thorough reports on the projects. This will provide individual investors with an opportunity to invest with due diligence while protecting their privacy through blockchain. GreenX divides data into on-chain and off-chain. Sensitive information such as KYC clearances is encrypted and kept off-chain.

The GreenX platform is divided into two parts, the GreenX Capital Market and the GreenX Global Exchange. With the help of former, GreenX provides investors and developers with a platform to invest and raise funds respectively. The former helps in providing liquidity to the investments, by allowing easy trading of tokens on a global scale.

To protect the investors from scams, GreenX has a strict due diligence process, which includes:

  • Verification of documents
  • Site visit
  • Legal due diligence
  • Financial audits
  • Feasibility Studies

Once the study is completed, the team at GreenX publish their report along with a risk assessment, to provide investors with a detailed analysis of the projects. The risk assessment report is generated by the GreenX A.I. which profiles a project and analyses the risk of the investment.


The Token

The token is the center of the GreenX platform and is built on the Ethereum blockchain. The token allows its holder to participate in the GreenX platform. However, the token does not represent a legal share in GreenX as a legal entity.

The token is the most important aspect of the whole platform since it provides it with liquidity and the use of smart contracts. The token enables the platform to conduct its global operations and provides it stability.

The Team

The following are the main team members and advisors of the GreenX project:

  • Stanley Nguyen – CEO
  • Dennis Duong – CTO
  • Florain Wegmann – Investor Relations Advisor
  • Urs Lustenberger – Legal Advisor
  • Igor Alexander Turevsky – Energy Advisor

For more info

To learn more about GreenX and their product, you can go to the following links:

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