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Dear Readers,

If you invested in, Australia Based Bitcoin Exchange, it’s time to wake up and fight back to get your funds. is SCAM.

According to my latest report, They stopped their withdrawals in all format of local currencies & Bitcoin. After few research we found the following complaints:

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They keep deleting complaints in their facebook wall & keeping just a few.(

Their suppor ticket also didn’t work for morethan 3 months. They keep accepting new deposits. It’s not recommended to invest in  this SCAM Bitcoin Exchanges like


We emailed and found that Daniel is no longer work with got the following auto response:


I no longer work at igot. This mail has been forwarded to where the team will deal with it asap.

Best regards,



They also hide their phone number.

About Founder:










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ACORN-logo-preferred-medium-black If you affected by then submit Cyber Crime Complaint in to get your funds. This is Australia Cybercrime Online Reporting Network and also file a local complaint in your nearest police station to lock their local offices in your area.


Mtgox CEO arrested in Japan. Still we could get Rick into Jail, if funds not delivered to the corresponding people.


Reporter: John vaughn

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