Indian farmers to learn Bitcoin mining

Bitcoin mining training program will be held in 30 cities all over India, aiming to teach rural population especially the youth about bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies, blockchain, mining and entrepreneurship.

The program launched by Dalit Indian Chamber of Commerce (DICCI) in collaboration with Tausif Malik, a social entrepreneur and the treasurer for Democrats Abroad India, is focused at empowering the rural population for self-employment and creating new economic development in those areas.

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“India can be the next bitcoin/cryptocurrency mining hub of the world,” Tausif Malik commented.

DICCI is promoting business enterprises for Dalits, which is area specific minority caste in India sometimes referred to as a depressed class. Mahabfic is a platform that promotes investments for blockchain, fintech, initial coin offerings (ICOs) and cryptocurrency in the State of Maharashtra.

According to local news reports, DICCI and Mahabfic are planning to create first and largest Bitcoin Mining Training Program (BMTP) for self-employment in the world.

DICCI Founder and Chairman Shri Milind Kamble stated:

“The new blockchain technology is the future of technology development and taking the world by storm and bitcoin/cryptocurrency mining is a must for blockchain platform to operate. Hence, we felt the need to offer bitcoin/cryptocurrency mining training program (BMTP) to our youth on a nationwide scale for self-employment.”

The first training program will be held in Pune city this May.


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