IOTA Lightweight Node is 6X Faster than Bitcoin (BTC), Beta Testing Reveals

Hornet, which is IOTA’s lightweight node, is under test and impressively, the network can process over 40 TPS, which is almost 6X the speed of Bitcoin and 3X of Ethereum’s.

This is a mark of progress and supporters couldn’t wait to express their optimism and how this will help IOTA cement its position as a true Internet-of-Things platform that will be inherently scalable, decentralized, and feeless.

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What is Hornet?

IOTA Hornet TPS at 35-40
IOTA Hornet TPS at 35-40

The Hornet was developed by a different programming system and released by the IOTA Foundation in December 2019.

The goal was to have as many software implementations as possible in a bid to align with the project’s goal of continuous improvement in readiness of mass adoption.

Hornet is currently in beta and available for testing purposes only.

“To evolve and diversify our node software offering, the IOTA Foundation has been supporting the development of a node implementation written in Go. This implementation — called Hornet. This is a more lightweight take on our Java node implementation (IRI). The functionality is on par with the latest version of IRI.”

Processing 48 TPS

At the time of writing, its Hornet’s TPS was 48 TPS.

IOTA Hornet TPS at 48
IOTA Hornet TPS at 48

Earlier, observers noted that processing speeds was at around 35-40 TPS, an improvement considering the central coordinator is still in place and not designed to help scale the network but issue milestones and secure the network.

“It’s been fluctuating between 30-40 TPS, not bad. Great to see these numbers and the network running fine thanks to the new Hornet nodes being tested etc. I remember when the network would average 3TPS and couldn’t handle much over 20 using the older IRI. Now it’s handling that daily without issue. Great to see how much the project is progressing over time.”

What is IOTA?

IOTA is a blockless network. Despite criticism, it continues to develop with the view of being a true IOT network.

IOTA’s Tangle is blockless and scalable as the number of users increase. The more activity there is, the more scalable it becomes.

It is also quantum resistant and uses Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) for security.


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