IOTA [MIOTA] Trinity wallet 0.4.0 fancy updates, Redditors say

IOTA updated their Trinity wallet with some “fancy” features as noticed by Redditors. The wallet was released by the IOTA team in May. On 21st July, Redditors noticed the update on GitHub and started a discussion regarding the same.

Trinity, when launched, included features such as an automatic value conversation of crypto to fiat, pre-set viewing of transactions as bundles and more.

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The wallet had its last update on 9th July, where the team gave an insight of IOTA’s Trinity wallet’s list of updates along with the bug fixes.

The new update consists of quite a few things such as the additions of a redesigned UI/UX for receive page. Addition of an ‘option to add an amount to the received address QR code’, more complex password strength requirements on UI, an automated fingerprint/Face ID on inactivity log out, dashboard on Android and more.

The fixes and improvements of Trinity wallet include the fix of the bundle address reversal bug and an update of all themes. The theme update has color changes and text field borders as mentioned. The upgrade even made an error log scrollable. Along with these, a few general improvements were observed, such as:

  • Changing of USD/EUR chart precision to 3 decimal places
  • Generating receiving address on load and send
  • Vertically center amount field conversion text

mohtasham22, a Redditor commented:

“Desktop trinity.?”

Epic_Deuce, another Redditor said:

“This, I don’t like using my phone when I don’t have to.”

ypp192, a crypto-enthusiast said:

“Same here – particularly if it involves transacting any significant amount of crypto. Seeing the steady development progress of the mobile version and the very positive feedback from beta users, I hope/expect we’ll see a desktop version of Trinity soon enough.”

‘Trinity Mobile’ is currently in public beta testing. There are over 20,000 users worldwide using the app. IOTA is approaching a bug-free environment as the Trinity Mobile team has introduced new features and has worked on the general performance of the app.


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