IOTA Releases Safe Version of Trinity Desktop But Mainnet Remains Suspended

As IOTA continues to investigate and examine the flaws in its native desktop wallet, which led to multiple thefts of users’ funds, the Foundation behind the project said today that they had released a “safe version” of the Trinity Wallet. 

Trinity Mobile Wallet Not Safe For Now

While the attack only affected the Trinity Desktop wallet, IOTA, in its warning last week, cautioned users not to open both desktop and mobile wallets until further notice from the Foundation. 

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However, the secure version released today is for the desktop wallet. Those using the mobile wallet will have to wait until a new version is launched for Trinity Mobile. 

The latest version (1.4.1), according to the IOTA status page, eliminates the loopholes announced on Wednesday last week, which affected several users. The Foundation advises users to download the newly released wallet via its GitHub page and install it over the older version to stay protected. 

The safe version, however, is not designed for sending and receiving funds. It will only enable users to check their balances and transactions. Once users install and login to Trinity 1.4.1, their balances and transactions are fetched automatically. 

Users who notice any incorrect balance or unrecognized outgoing transactions upon login should directly contact a mod or member of the IOTA foundation on their discord channel. IOTA further warned users to be aware that several imposters are pretending to be part of the IOTA foundation team. 

Devnet Is Operational, But Mainnet Still Down

After the discovery of the attacks last week, the IOTA foundation temporarily halted the Coordinator while conducting investigations on the loophole with the help of cybersecurity experts. At the time of writing, the status of the Mainnet has changed from “not operational” to “No value transactions.” The Devnet, on the other hand, is “Operating.” 

The Devnet, according to the project, is similar to the mainnet. The difference, however, is that the tokens are free, and it requires less time and computational power to send a transaction. The Devnet allows users to test their applications and build proofs of concept that utilize free Devnet tokens. 

IOTA said the Coordinator would remain down until they finalize their remedial plans. Users will only be able to send value transactions whenever the mainnet is up and running again. 


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