Kellyanne Conways Discusses The “Trump Effect” On Economy /  by Tyler Durden / Jan 12, 2017 12:50 PM

Earlier this morning, Kellyanne Conway appeared on Bloomberg to discuss Trump’s economic policies regarding everything from job creation to tax cuts, energy investment, infrastructure spending, Obamacare and China.  Of course, she started by taking the opportunity to boast about the “Trump Effect” that has already resulted in manufacturing jobs coming back to the United States and record high-er stock prices.

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“First of all, you already see the Trump effect.  You see that manufacturing jobs are already coming back to the U.S., or staying here.  Plans to build factories in Mexico, to ship jobs over the border there, take them away from hardworking Americans have stopped.  That’s the Trump effect.”

“You see that the stock market loves that fact that he was elected.  We’ve had record highs over a number of days.”

After the brief commercial introduction, Conway addressed Trump’s plans to “roll back corrosive regulations” that have suffocated job creation, lower taxes across the board and work with companies to develop America’s energy resources “in a responsible and profitable way for all of us.”



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