Lanyard and Keychain (Ethereum)

Price: $8.99

Ethereum Lanyard with Keychain. Removable clip, perfect for your hardware wallet or USB drive. Spread awareness of Ethereum with style with this awesome conversation starter. The lanyard is made from high quality materials. Accessories include a detachable buckle to easily remove your keyring or badge holder, an extra keyring with its own clasp to remove only your hardware wallet, keys, or usb thumb drive if desired, and a breakaway clasp in the rear. Perfect for taking your ledger or trezor on the go, making sure you can always have your Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin, or other cryptocurrency close and easily accessible.Take cryptocurrency marketing into your own hands, share your passion for Ethereum with the world and spread awareness in style with this excellent conversation starter!
100% made from the highest quality materials will ensure that your stylish Ethereum lanyard lasts longer than you can HODL.
Features a durable detachable metal hook and d-ring which provides easy access to keys, ID cards, a hardware wallet, and anything else you can hang from it.
Break-away rear clasp ensures OSHA stays happy and that you are prepared for the next hard fork.
FREE removable keychain included, perfect for your Ledger Nano S or Trezor.

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