Litecoin [LTC] Price Analysis: Token exhibits bullish momentum as prospect of the bear looms

Litecoin [LTC] stands tall as the fourth-largest digital asset on the CoinMarketCap replacing EOS. The silver crypto coin was one of the best performers during the huge surge last weekend. LTC managed to successfully rally up against its resistance.

The digital coin opened at a high of $46.88, reached a low of $42.40 before closing down at a value of $43.18. The volume of LTC traded during the day accounted $1.3 billion.

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During the last 24 hours, the pair LTC/BTC has been trending at four exchanges. The pair has been leading at OKEx sweeping a volume of $74.14 million, priced at $43.71. This was followed by Coineal, where the volume traded was registered at $62.04 million, valued at $43.72. The pair was trending third at Dobi Exchange with a volume of $61.93 million at $43.73. Additionally, LTC/BTC reposed at DigiFinex with a volume of $55.19 million at $43.75.


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