Markets Today: Bitcoin Unstoppable, but Maidsafecoin Carried the Day

The markets began the week less robust but with some good news here and there. Bitcoin is unstoppable, and is likely to hit the $800 mark by the end of the week. There were no changes on the top ten in terms of position. 

As of 18:00 GMT on Monday, the market listed almighty Bitcoin at $781.92 which represented a 1.62% rise. It looks like we are ending the year on an excellent note.

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Beginning the week with 2.45% appreciation, Ethereum seems to be on a winning streak again. It ended the week with a 2.16% gain. Its market value was $8.37 keeping it at number two.

While Ripple was being sold at $0.006791, it took a 1.83% fall. Even though it maintained the 3rd position, it has lost its laudable gains from last week.

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On the 4th place, Litecoin went up marginally by 0.51%. The exchanges had it listed at $3.66. However, it seems Litecoin is entering a new phase of excitement vis-a-vis its all-time best for the month, on Sunday.

All the coins at the 5th-7th positions were down with losses ranging from 0.3-1.0%. Monero lost 0.31% with an exchange rate of $7.94.

At number six, Ethereum Classic was selling for $0.925222, but it didn’t continue its upward gains from last week – losing a considerable 1.96%. Let’s hope it recovers quickly.

Dash is down again, but interestingly its exchange rate was better than on Friday. It lost 1.06% and sold for $9.13 compared to Friday’s $8.84, and stayed at the 7th spot.

On the brighter side, Steem retained its 8th ranking with a 1.28% upward gain to sell at $0.194038. That is good for the social media challenger, since it was down 3.29% from the previous listing.

Though Augur maintained its number nine spot, it had the biggest depreciation of the day at 3.20%. Its market value was a mere $3.11.

Maidsafecoin is still occupying the bottom of the top ten Coinmarketcap listings with 7.25%. That was the biggest gain for the day. The exchanges sold it for $0.070722.

Notable Cryptocurrencies of the Day

Mooncoin is still to be watched keenly. Today it went up by a jaw-dropping 296.86%. Another crypto making waves below the top ten is Safe Exchange. It appreciated by 195.57%. Hicoin is not bad either; it grew 50.96%.

Disclaimer: The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.

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