Markets Today: ‘I Should Have Bought More’

The cry through the Bitcoin community today is: “I should have bought more.” Bitcoin is trading at its highest price since 2014. What a delightful day on the market with only three losses recorded.

bitcoin2ewt-256Bitcoin nailed it at $781.75 with a 0.04 percentage increment to be the number one Crypto as at 18:00 GMT on Tuesday. It’s a great prelude to Christmas. The community is in exciting moments.

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Ethereum won’t give up, and with a 0.20% upward adjustment, it appears the number two Crypto is going to end the year on a sound footing. It was traded for $8.43.

With a noteworthy fall of 1.56%, Ripple‘s trade value was only $0.006695. Well, yesterday it lost 1.83%, but it is still at number three.

Litecoin consolidated its 4th position by registering a 0.48% gain. Selling at $3.67, it was a 0.2% decline from Monday.

Monero made amends from the previous day’s listings and sold for $8. It had a positive 1.16% to stay at number five.

Following suit with the most impressive score for the day was Ethereum Classic. A 7.58% appreciation as against Monday’s 1.96% depreciation is highly magnificent for the cryptocurrency outfit.

Dash kept its 7th position with a 2.62% spectacular gain. The exchanges were offering it for $9.37.

However, it wasn’t good at all for Steem! Taking the biggest dip of the day, it plummeted by 18.11% with an accompanying market value of $0.159800.

Augur completed the loss list for today when it sank 3.05% in a string of embarrassing performances lately. Yesterday it lost 3.20 percentage points. Exchanges listed it for $3.06 to be ranked number nine on the Coinmarketcap top 10 cryptocurrencies.

Comfortable at the bottom is Maidsafe posting a significant 2.67% growth rate to sell at $0.072508. Many are on the look out if NEM can dislodge Maidsafecoin again from number 10.

Notable Cryptocurrencies of the Day

The picks for today are Potcoin, Adzcoin, and SingularDTV. Potcoin had a 55.67% appreciation and was sold at $0.012704. Adzcoin managed 40.85% while SingularDTV did a 20.30% upsurge.

Disclaimer: The above references is an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.

Do you hold or trade the cryptocurrencies on this list? Let’s hear about your experiences in the comments below.

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