Markets Today: Monero Won the Day, Maidsafecoin Also Splendid

Wednesday markets were rough, but not really bad. After all, the biggest gain was 7.02%. Among the top 10, there were four losses. The top two cryptos went down, but it was below 1%.

Maintaining the 1st position, almighty Bitcoin dropped 0.74% at 18:00 GMT on Wednesday to sell at $779.05. Indeed it was a tiny one, and it’s believed it will bounce back soon.

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Ethereum‘s second rank is unshakable at this time but lost 0.74 percentage points. The exchanges sold it at $8.36.

With a 0.11% growth rate today, Ripple overcame a downslide that was becoming a headache for its investors. Don’t forget it started the week on a sad note by recording two consecutive drops.

Litecoin was listed at the 4th spot and was selling at $3.62. Unfortunately, it gave away 1.50% to make it a listing dwindle and the biggest for today. Yesterday it actually lost 0.2%

At number five Monero registered an eye-catching 7.02% upward adjustment to become the best-performing crypto of the day. That was a huge improvement from Tuesday’s index. The exchange rate was $8.56.

Even though Ethereum Classic scored a positive 0.31% and managed to stay at number six, it couldn’t maintain yesterday’s biggest gain of 7.58 percentage points of growth. Its market value came down to $0.984832.

Dash is still at the 7th position, however it was downgraded by 0.92% with a market rate of $9.28. The anonymous-aiming crypto couldn’t maintain the dramatic 2.62% surge from Tuesday.

Steem was nothing to write home about yesterday but managed a 5.04% rise to put some smiles on the faces of its followers, following the catastrophic 18.11% dip from the previous listing.

The bottom of the top 10 cryptocurrency index by Coinmarketcap is becoming lively like never before. Maidsafecoin has proved that its splendid standings in recent times are no fluke at all.

It has dislodged Augur from the ninth place barely a week after it pushed NEM to the 11th position. With a $0.076443 exchange rate and a stunning 5.24% increment, Maidsafecoin is making a fine inroad among the elite cryptos.

Augur is occupying the bottom with a dignified 1.13% build-up. On the exchanges, it was listed at $3.10. It is imperative to state that it’s a good improvement from yesterday’s downward adjustment of 3.05%.

Notable Cryptocurrencies of the Day

Below the top 10 Xenixcoin deserves a mentioning. Recording a 356.71% gain is no mean feat. ION was magnificent as well ending the day with a 122.41% boost.

Disclaimer: The above references is an opinion and is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.

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