Mining Case by Miningstore – 8 GPU 4U Server Rack-Mountable Crypto case [Easy Stackable, Compact, Sturdy] for Cryptocurrency Mining [Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoin, Monero, Zcash] supports ATX motherboard

Price: $225.00

Smart design meets superb cooling design in this 8 GPU Mining Case

Boost the thrill of crypto trading with a cleverly-designed case!

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MiningStore’s rack-mountable cases are excellent for both home or datacenter use, guaranteed to keep 8 graphic cards in full function, at perfect temperatures.

  • Crafted with maximum precision and allowing a generous space to prevent overheating
  • Heavy-duty yet slick profile, made of firm, high-quality Aluminum Alloy
  • Discrete, cool and quiet design to leave enough room between components. Excellent dissipation of heat.

Super portable

And if you move house, it will be super easy to carry your virtual currency trading and mining hardware with you (the efficient and ergonomic handles are great!). Plus, every miner case is made to guarantee fast mounting and quick installation.

Best 8 GPU BTC/ETH mining case features:

  • Dimensions 17.5″ W x 6.95″ H x 26″L
  • Double PSU mount with ideal clearance for long power supplies
  • Normal 19-inch 4U rack mount server case (accepted by almost ALL data centers)
  • Easy mounting of 8 USB PCI-E risers to safely hold your graphics cards
  • This GPU mining case supports ATX motherboards
  • Can host 3 x 120mm cooling fans w/ perfect clearance for 200+cfm server grade fans (3-inch thick mining rig fans).

What’s in the box?

  • 8GPU mining Case
  • Handles for your new bitcoin miner case

OPTIONAL (sold separately): [8 USB Risers] [3 150+ CFM Fans] [Rail Kit for Mounting].

This listing DOES NOT come with cables, PSU, Fans, CPU, GPUs, Motherboard or RAM.

✅ COMPACT RACK-MOUNTABLE 8-GPU CASE perfect for mining cryptocurrencies at home or at a datacenter
✅ SUPPORTS 8 FULL-SIZE CARDS with effective cooling, keeping them operating at ideal temperatures
✅ VERY EASY TO HANDLE, STACK & INSTALL, plus double PSU mount with clearance for long power supply
✅ STURDY & DURABLE PROFILE – designed for maximum heat dissipation and to protect devices & equipment
✅ INCLUDES Mounting Hardware + Case Mining Handles. Power Button, GPU, fans, motherboard NOT INCLUDED

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