MouseBelt Launches Blockchain Alliance for Educational Support

In an exciting announcement by MouseBelt, the cryptocurrency education scene will grow dramatically as a blockchain alliance has been formed to help support students through education. The alliance’s first members are the Stellar Development Foundation, TRON, Hedera, ICON, Ontology, Wanchain, Harmony One, Nervos, Orbs, LTO Network, Emurgo, NEM, and ETC Labs. These companies will work closely together to provide university students with the knowledge to enter the blockchain space, so they have the skills ready for what’s needed in the industry. MouseBelt have said they will announce 15 more companies that will join them in the ‘near future.’

With MouseBelt leading the Blockchain Education Alliance, these 20 companies will create a successful network that will work directly together to develop educational initiatives that help further grow mass adoption of blockchain technology and increase jobs in the industry. These initiatives will include such things as meet ups, face to face meetings, hackathons, and much more.

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This alliance comes at the right time as university students are demanding education about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The companies included such as TRON and Wanchain, etc. all have very deep industry experience and are hugely successful in the space, therefore their input is extremely valuable to the cause.

MouseBelt states that:

“The Blockchain Education Alliance is the most recent development of our University Program, which comprises a network of over 67 student blockchain organizations in 14 countries. The University Program has also established partnerships with some of the leading engineering departments worldwide, including at UCLA, UCSB, and UC Davis, through their UC Blockchain Initiative.”

“We’re inviting administrators, researchers, policy makers,
and enterprise and industry professionals to work collectively to cultivate the
next generation of blockchain leaders. Alliance members can provide mentorship
through the University Program by advising during office hours, hosting
workshops, or providing educational content. Enterprise partners can connect
with leading educational institutions to fund research, academic conferences,
and accredited blockchain courses addressing various use cases. Developers,
platforms, and protocols can help deploy real-world pilots of innovative
solutions in collaboration with students, researchers, and MouseBelt’s
development shop. Member organizations will also be eligible to receive
training and resources to further their knowledge of blockchain.”

Anyone who wants to get involved can do so, to find out more please visit:


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