Mt. Gox Users Given More Time to File Bankruptcy Claims Online

Mt. Gox Bankruptcy Trustee, Attorney Nobuaki Kobayashi, today announced to extend deadline for Bitcoin exchange users to file their bankruptcy claims online.


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According to the updated details, Mt. Gox users can now file fresh claims by 12 pm on July 29, 2015 (Japan Time), as opposed to previous deadline, which was May 29, 2015. The new update also allows users to make changes to their filed applications (for example, change in address, company names, etc.) However users cannot modify the amount that they had claimed during the first filing. Excerpt from the notice:

“Nearer the time of distribution, the bankruptcy trustee is planning to give users an opportunity to use the system again to make changes to the details of their bankruptcy claims other than increasing the amount of the bankruptcy claims that users have filed.”

Once the new deadline is crossed, users will only be able to view their online bankruptcy claims or change the claimant as per their wish.

Low Mt. Gox Returns Guaranteed

As known to the world, the ill-fated Mt Gox has costed the industry around 850,000 Bitcoin (equivalent to around $455 million at the time of the hack). Some 20,000 Bitcoins however were recovered from Mt. Gox cold wallet a few months after the incident, an amount which continues to be kept under law enforcement offices. No report of the actually stolen Bitcoins has surfaced till date.

Bitcoin exchange Kraken, which is currently overseeing the signing up of Mt. Gox claimants, earlier said that that the effected customers would only be able to receive the 20% of their original account balance. A further decision regarding this statement was to be taken by September 9 this year. However, Kobayashi’s letter never discussed anything about their plans to make a decision on

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