NAU project – Changing the marketing reality

The NAU platform has entered its pre-ICO. The team’s mission is to establish a direct connection between retailers and their clients, without the participation of middlemen that demand large marketing budgets. The NAU platform will use Blockchain technology for transparency and safety, the platform itself can be used through a website or a geolocational mobile application.

The NAU platform will become an available instrument for attracting new clientele. It is planned that there will no longer be a need to work with an expensive intermediaries, and the process of attracting clients will be placed upon platform users. For occur this, users will be motivated in the form of substantial rewards for referrals. The platform will operate in accordance with the CPA model, therefore, retailers earnings will be easy to calculate.

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The logic of the NAU platforms functionality will be as follows: A retailers will post a special offers on the platform, which will motivate potential clients to use their services. The retailers will set a prices, which they are ready to pay for each time their special offers is paid. Consumers will find and use the offers. The users that referred the consumers to the platform will receive a reward in the form of 95% from the payment made by the retailer for the use of an offer. The other 5% will go to the NAU platform.

Retailers will have to use NAU tokens to pay users for each time they utilize their offers. Tokens will also be needed to pay for marketing services on the platform. Additionally, it is planned to for NAU tokens to be used as a form of payment for retailers products and services.

The NAU team will use various marketing channels and activities to grow the platform, the motivation that users will have to refer new clients from their social circle to the platform will also help growth. The limited emission of tokens will reflect positively on their price.

Pre-ICO starts on the 1st of November and will end on the 6th of November

Token price during the pre-ICO: 1 NAU = $0.04 with a 35% bonus

The ICO will go on from the 10 of November to the  17 of December

Token price during the pre-ICO 1 NAU = $0.04 $0.06

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