NEM announces new partnerships; XEM to be available for payments in over 1000 Australian restaurants

According to a recent report, NEM announced a partnership with Liven, an Australian based payment platform which rewards its users for their loyalty when they visit partner restaurants and pay through the Liven app. Liven’s digital currency LivenCoin [LVN] allows Australian users to pay with cryptocurrency across 1000 restaurants through the LivenPay payment network.

The creators of will be working with Liven to integrate XEM with LVN coin. The report stated that the Apostille function of the NEM blockchain will be utilized to ensure Liven’s transparency and integrity. Furthermore, the Apostille function will be used to validate the analytics provided to merchants.

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The NEM foundation will be working towards providing technical guidance, support and will also explore the other features in the blockchain technology which could be integrated into Liven’s platform.

NEM’s Expansion Director for Australia and New Zeland, Jason Lee stated that the partnership has two important aspects. The first aspect was that pairing XEM with LVN would allow the community to constantly interact with Liven’s ecosystem.

He further added that this partnership was proof that they had the potential to develop real-world use cases. He further added:

“We are already exploring other opportunities to integrate NEM blockchain technologies with Liven and will look forward to working with them continuously”

Moreover, NEM recently announced a strategic partnership with OATH Protocol. A platform which aims to build a standardized and decentralized protocol that protects dApp user’s rights and assets.

Oath protocol could be integrated into NEM’s voting system which will ensure an “added layer” of security. The protocol will further stabilize the infrastructure and increase the usability of the voting function of NEM.

Steve Li, Leader of NEM China opined that the Oath protocol would give NEM a better experience on voting solutions. The partnership would give NEM a lot of recognition in the blockchain industry and would benefit both NEM and Oath.

The leader of NEM Taiwan, Flora Fang stated that the Oath protocol ensured blockchain security by adopting dispute resolution and governance mechanism. He added:

“We are committed to the management of smart asset allocation on the blockchain, and its use symbolizes full fairness and equality. The decentralized reward mechanism provides a safe and easy-to-use solution and application portal for peer-to-peer payments”


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