NEO & Microsoft partners for Development Contest in China 490.000 USD in prize funds

Blockchain technology penetrates into all areas of life, giving rise to innovations in various fields.

As an early bird in domestic public utility projects, NEO has witnessed an increasing number of developers who have consistently contributed to blocking green development all these years.

To keep the momentum, NEO plans to launch its first dev contest in China.

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Microsoft will organize the event with the support of Elastos, Unchain, and INNERSPACE +. Enrollment opens on November 20, 2017.

NEO is a distributed network that uses blocking technology and digital identity to digitize assets. These assets are automatically managed by smart contracts, leading to a “smart economy.” Intelligent Neo contract system has a significant certainty, scalability, and compatibility. Besides, it saves developers’ efforts to acquire new languages such as Solidity because NEO smart contracts are programmable with Java, C / C # and Go that developers are too familiar with.

Contenders are encouraged to provide excellent applications with NEO block support and Microsoft’s development environment and tools. Such efforts being made, we are one step closer to a more powerful ecosystem of block developers.

Candidates will be informed by technical excellence, applied value, document completeness, innovation and calls to their work.

A jury composed of NEO founder, Da Hongfei, founder of NEO Founder & Core Developer, Erik Zhang, founder of CoZ Fabio, founder Elastos Chen Rong, founder of ONT Li Jun and Microsoft China experts will select 16 winners of all competitors for a rewards fund total value of 490,000 USD.

The 16 winners are composed of 1 winner of the first prize, two winners of the second award, three winners of the third award and ten winners of the Merit prize. We will give the top winner $ 150,000 in fiat.

Also, participating individuals and teams can contact NEO for the opportunity to present your work at NEO DevCon to be held in Silicon Valley in January 2018.

As a warm-up for the competition, NEO intends to offer a live online night course (please follow the official channels for more information) on December 1, 2017. Developers, entrepreneurs, and students with innovative ideas, skills, and minds are all welcome attached the course to be informed and inspired by the contest. We look forward to your remarkable performance.


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