Norwegian banks enable easy bitcoin investments

One of the largest Norwegian consumer banks, Skandiabanken, has just made bitcoin investments very accessible to its customer. Now it is possible to login to the Skandiabanken’s online banking platform and find bitcoins under the investment tab.

The integration of the bitcoin investments in the Skandiabanken’s online system is done via the Coinbase wallet solution, which does not only support bitcoins, but also ethereum and litecoin. The bank’s employees comment that investing in the bitcoin gets more popular every day and with the integration of this new asset class, the bank will further strengthen its position as an innovator and will also appeal more to its clients.

Unlike Skandiabanken, http://www.casinopå reports that some banks in Norway are not so friendly towards the cryptocurrencies. Last year, the largest bank in Norway, DNB, has closed an account of the Norwegian Bitcoin Associated under the name of Norges Bitcoinforening. The reason for closing the account was that it became hard to prove that the funds are not used to finance terrorist attacks and perform money laundering activities. While it is certainly risky for the bank to onboard bitcoin-focused clients, allowing an easy access to the whole population via a comfortable online service should be every bank’s goal.

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This is, however, not the first attempt to make the bitcoins easily accessible in Europe. Currently, a Fidor Bank from germany lets its clients get bitcoins by integrating with Another bank from Georgia, Libery Bank, lets people freely acquire bitcoins via its network of ATMs.

Considering the recent changes in the European regulations that surround payments, like Payment Services Directive 2, more companies are expected to boost up the payment industry. Many of this companies will be able to use the banking data to its advantage, and considering the ever-growing interest in bitcoins, banks should be much better off offering the purchase of the bitcoins via its systems already now. From the other perspective, the amount of the retailers that accept the bitcoin is constantly growing too. And with an easier access to this cryptocurrency, one may project that the bitcoins might become a generally accepted form of payments in just a few years.

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