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The internet is not a safe place for careless people. Just pressing the wrong button and downloading a malicious file can get your device infected and make it unusable. The situation does not always get so dire but the risk is always there, and malware disrupts the devices of thousands of users every year.

When you’re talking about malware and viruses, not mentioning WannaCry would be unfair. The malware affected computers on a global scale and impacted some of the largest institutions. It affected the National Health Service (NHS) so badly that they had to stop their operations for a while.

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So yes, malware is currently a big issue in our society. The issue might be how the websites are created. The internet is mainly free to roam around, and users believe that there is no harm in it. Actually, websites collect your data and then sell it off to researchers and other organizations.

This data is then used for personalized marketing and to show you ads that might appeal to your personality. These ads can range from side banners to pop-ups and ads that cover the whole screen until the user performs a specific action. This can be considered spam and some sites even hide malware this way, which can then get downloaded if a user presses a specific ad.

This is what the wants to change. It wants to provide users with a platform that will enrich their user experience by removing all of the problems mentioned previously.

The Platform is in the process of developing a platform that will be backed by a blockchain and will be decentralized in nature. This platform is being developed to give internet users their rights back by protecting their privacy and putting their experiences at the highest priority.

The platform will provide three main functions that will be discussed in the following paragraphs. These functions will resolve the three major problems that are faced by internet users from all over the world.

Ads are the first and the most annoying problem that intends to solve through its platform. The company wants to enhance the user experience and make a more comfortable place online for the users. Another benefit of reducing and bypassing ads will be that it will conserve a considerable amount of user bandwidth, which usually goes towards loading ads.

The second functionality provided by the platform will be that of being able to browse anonymously. This will help the users to greatly protect their privacy and stop other sites from following the way users interact with sites.

The third functionality being introduced by is to enable users to safely download files from the internet without fear of malware. The platform will check the files to ensure that the user is not going to download any malware or suspicious files that may harm the user’s system.

The platform will also allow users to evaluate the sites by giving them ratings. Ratings will allow users to understand which sites are better. By doing so, users will be able to visit the better websites. Consequently, higher rated sites will drive more traffic towards the sites and the developers and organization will get an incentive to keep their systems according to’s policies. The platform will provide a browser extension to users that will connect them to the platform and offer them all the functionalities. has already raised $5,000,000 in their Private Sale from their total $50,000,000 hard cap.

The Token

The platform is unique in its type as the platform will be using three tokens to power its platform. The three different tokens will have different applications on the platform and will provide users with different functionalities.

  • Online Ethereum Token (OIO)
  • ICE Ethereum Token (ICE)
  • Trust Token (TST)

The OIO token is the main token that will power the ecosystem. The token will be used for allowing users to use the technologies provided by the platform. The developers will use the OIO token to get access and mine the ICE tokens. The purpose of the ICE coin will be for making micropayments. The Trust Token will be used only within the private Blockchain and will be used by users for ranking websites and providing ranking.

The Team

The following are the main team members of the team:

  • Alexandru Iulian Floria: CEO and Founder
  • Alexandru Eftimie: CTO
  • Sebastian Dracopol: Development Manager

The following are the main advisers on the team:

  • Nathan Christian: Blockchain Technology Consultant
  • Christian Radu: Adviser
  • Andrei Mihai Costescu: Adviser

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