Online Survey Company Qualtrics Offers Bitcoin Rewards Option

Qualtrics, an online survey giant, is aiming to give incentives for users who participate in its surveys through bitcoin rewards. The company, which is based in Utah, helps its enterprise clients conduct surveys and research through an online platform.

Users who want to participate in surveys can access these bitcoin rewards by signing up on the platform first. Once Qualtrics users earn 50 points for their participation, they receive a Tango Card gift code, which can then be redeemed for Amazon and Target gift cards as well as bitcoin.

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Surveys and Bitcoin Rewards

Qualtrics is currently valued at over $1 billion, following a $150 million Series B funding in 2014, and has more than 700 employees. Among its investors are Sequoia Capital and Accel Partners.

“Millennials are most familiar with and most likely to be part of the bitcoin movement. A lot of millennials are more on the cutting edge of bitcoin, and those are among the people that are most sought after for their insights right now,” Qualtrics head of strategy and research Mike Maughan told CoinDesk.

“It’s not a compulsion,” Maughan added. “If they have any concern about bitcoin, they can then cash out for gift cards.” He said that the company saw little downside to offering bitcoin rewards since this gives their users more options to choose from.

Prior to this, Microsoft recently announced that Bing users can also be able to receive bitcoin rewards incentives through its search engine. This will also be conducted through Tango Card and its partnership with bitcoin processing company SnapCard.

SnapCard was launched in November 2013 to offer browser plugin that enabled consumers to purchase items from major e-commerce platforms that don’t currently accept bitcoin. The company has announced a $150 million seed funding round back in October 2014 led by Tim Draper.


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