Passcard- Identity on the Blockchain

How many email account does an average person have these days? What about the number of social networks we are all part of? An average person has accounts created in at least three social networks and users two or three email ids. Apart from email and social media accounts there are many other websites that we visit on a regular basis to access resources or for entertainment. Not to forget bitcoin wallets and exchanges.

A lot of these websites require the users to login to access content or to interact with the platform. As the number of applications we use increases, the number of login credentials we need to remember will also increase. We may think of a couple of solutions to overcome these issues.

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  1. Use the same login credentials for all applications
  2. Use social media sign-in for all applications

They are both easy and simple solutions, but relying on either one of those is not an intelligible thing to do. If we use the same login credentials for all our accounts, we will be leaving them all vulnerable to attacks. Even if a single account gets compromised, it is as good as losing control over all our accounts on the internet. Hence, it is not advisable to have the same credentials set for all the accounts.

The social media sign-ins using Google, Facebook, Linkedin or  Twitter, we will end up sharing our browsing history and other relevant data with these big companies who will in turn use them for to make more money by sending out targeted ads or selling personal information to other advertising companies. Not many are comfortable sharing their personal information with these big corporates.

When we group our whole internet activity together and look at the macro view, we will realize that our entire persona is out

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