Ripple/XRP to venture into biometrics space; holding company expresses interest in XRP Ledger

Ripple, one of the leaders of the blockchain-based revolution, may have added another partner this year after a holdings company, Aluf Holdings Inc., announced its consideration of Ripple and its cryptocurrency XRP.

Aluf Holdings Inc. tweeted on 7 March, 2019 about their interest in Ripple and the cryptocurrency XRP. The tweet read,

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“#XRPCommunity, we’ve heard a lot about you, and we’re excited to announce that we’re looking into @Ripple & the XRP Ledger for our latest acquisition pursuit in the biometrics space and our desire to transition its proprietary technology onto the blockchain. Stay tuned for more!”

Ripple already is the leader in revolutionizing the payments/remittance sector. However, CEO Brad Garlinghouse had revealed that Ripple was moving into the blockchain-based gaming industry, which was being built on the XRP Ledger by leveraging XRP, at the Paris Fintech.

Additionally, if the partnership with Aluf Holdings goes through, Ripple will move into yet another important sector, the biometric space.

Aluf Holdings’ Vice Chairman of the Board, Ben Zandi stated,

“When you combine the power of probability of these ultra-identification technologies with zero knowledge storage, encryption, privacy, security, and trust available through blockchain, you have a solution that is game-changing. We’re going to be the ones that bring that to market.”

Aluf is a holding company that operates dynamic, growth-oriented, and proprietary technology businesses. The companies are at various stages of development, ranging from established and cash-generating businesses to early-stage development companies.

With over 250+ partnerships with various banks and financial institutions, Ripple is planning to bring about the Internet of Value where all banks inter-operate on a global network, RippleNet.

Aluf Holdings were, however, forced to clarify a stance soon after the announcement.

@JosephSchules, a Twitter user commented,

“Your looking to acquire Ripple?”

Aluf Holdings, Inc. replied,

“We are not. We are specifically interested in using XRPL / Codius / ILP, etc. – We will update with more information soon!”

@XRPCenter, an XRP enthusiast and a Twitter user, said,

“That’s amazing. It’s very exciting to see new participants jumping into the ecosystem every day.
Really interested about what you’re willing to use codius for :).”

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