RNG Hacker Steals from Bitcoin Gaming Site

For people who operate online gambling sites, one of their worst nightmares is the thought of somebody being able to crack the site’s random number generator (RNG) and end up having knowledge of exactly what cards, spins, or dice are about to appear. It is bad enough if the hacker ends up cheating the house out of money, but the worst case scenario is if the hacker also takes money from other players. In a recent revelation, Bitcoin gaming site Primedice revealed that it was the victim of such a violation, losing about $1 million in the process.

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The story was told on the website by someone named Stunna who appears to be high up in the Primedice organization. Primedice is not an online poker room or elaborate online casino. It instead offers a simple random number game, allowing people to bet on what is essentially a virtual dice roll. After depositing Bitcoins, players can choose a bet amount and either the corresponding amount to win or the win probability (the latter two options are directly related – the higher the win probability, the lower the amount that can be won). Once that is set, the player clicks a button to start the “roll,” upon which the site’s RNG spits out a number from zero to 100, extended to several decimal places. If the number is below the selected win probability, the player wins (for example, if the probability is 90 percent, the number must be below 90). That’s it. The site gives the option to automatically re-roll after a win, a loss, or both, as well as the ability automatically

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