Spells of Genesis: Custom Trading Card Assets And The Upcoming Token Sale

EverDreamSoft’s Spells of Genesis is all the buzz these days, with every crypto media outlet having written something about it by this point. Though the game hasn’t come out yet (details on the project’s fundraising in a second), some of the game’s trading cards have begun to appear online. It brings out the 15-year-old geek in all of us, looking at the cool artwork. 

In their latest newsletter, the company announced that the token sale for their in-game currency, BitCrystals will officially kick-off on July 29, 2015. The sale will last for 30 days with an initial offering of 15,000 BitCrystals per BTC ($0.016 per BitCrystals), and the price of the BitCrystals will increase every five days. More information about the upcoming token sale can be found on the official project page.

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BitCrystals, are themselves assets on Counterparty. And now, in true form, the game developers have started developing cards for other assets on the platform, including Counterparty itself. The Counterparty community on Reddit was recently approached about the design of an XCP card though the post did not reveal whether such a card had been decided on just yet. While little is known of the actual game play in Spells of Genesis, a few cards were recently revealed, including one for Storj and another for FoldingCoin.

Others have also gotten into the mix, including GetGems, Ethereum and Swarm. It’s no surprise to see Swarm get involved as the BitCrystals token sale will be hosted on their platform.

Spells of Genesis Custom Trading Cards

The question is, what other projects will appear on the Spells of Genesis cards, and how much will this sort of meta insertion of brand names and such effect the gameplay experience? Indeed, this is

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