Study.14% of Japan’s young male employees own crypto

14 percent of Japan’s young male employees aged 25-30 own cryptocurrency, a recent study shows.

Around 4700 men in whole Japan took part in the Shin R25 “Questionnaire Survey on Virtual Currency”. For over a quarter of participants, it was the first investment experience.

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According to CoinTelegraph, of the young Japanese male employees that own crypto, 92 percent said that they entered the crypto markets “for investment,” 37.4 percent “for the time being because it is a trend,” and 19.9 percent due to “acquaintance and media recommended information.”

34.5 percent of the participants own less than 50,000 yen (nearly $469) of crypto, while only 10.2 percent owned 1 mln yen or more ($9,360).

The survey states that 24.3 percent of respondents who are a majority, bought their crypto assets between October and December 2017, and only 15 percent bought crypto in 2018 when “the price fell sharply”.

Answering to the question about future plans for their crypto investments, 47.1 percent of the respondents expressed their willingness to actively invest in crypto in the future. Around 35.4 percent do not intend to continue investing.


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