Tango Card-Snapcard partnership brings Bitcoin to reward programs

SnapCardSnapCardTango Card, a Seattle company that specializes in digital rewards and incentives, announced last week the availability of Bitcoin on its Rewards as a Service API through a partnership with Snapcard, a California-based company that offers a series of products and services to help consumers and businesses use Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

Bitcoin as a reward is made possible through Snapcard’s MassPay API, which allows enterprises to send payments to a telephone number or e-mail address instantly and programmatically.

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“We are on a mission to increase the international awareness of digital currencies, and as such we are thrilled to make bitcoin available through the Tango Card rewards API,” said Snapcard CEO Michael Dunworth in a press release. “Tango Card was able to use our new MassPay API to allow their users to receive Bitcoin Rewards at an e-mail address, phone number, or a bitcoin address – all without taking on any of the currency risk.”

Nat Salvione, VP of Partnerships at Tango Card, said in the release that “Bitcoin is a fantastic addition to our rewards catalog. It is truly frictionless, global, and most importantly, desired by the participants in our customers rewards programs. Snapcard is a real leader in the evangelization and functionality around Bitcoin and we are excited about our partnership and will work together to bring Bitcoin to hundreds of rewards programs.”

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