The Best-Ever Bitcoin Cannabis Drone Entrepreneurs in San Francisco

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon in San Francisco’s Dolores Park and kids on gyroscopic single-wheeled skateboards seemed to float uphill. I sitting next to the “Fuck the techies” graffiti, waiting to score some weed. But my eyes weren’t on the park – they were on the skies. Because I was about to get a very special drone delivery.

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Like a lot of you, I saw a tantalizing video from a mysterious San Francisco company called Trees a couple of weeks ago. In it, an extremely delighted-looking person sits in Dolores Park while a Phantom drone delivers a lovely-looking box of cannabis items to him.

How, I wondered, could I be just like that person?

I immediately went to the Trees website and started chatting with their rep. I asked if they delivered to my neighborhood, and was told that they didn’t do it quite yet – they’re still setting up their 333 exemption to FAA regulations on drones that prevent delivery for profit. But Marshall Hayner, Trees’ CEO, promised that if I showed up at Dolores Park around 3 PM on Saturday I’d “see some drones.” He refused to reveal more than that.

So of course I hiked over to Dolores a few days later, not entirely sure what to expect – but hoping against hope that it would all end with me smoking some sweet, sweet cannabis in the middle of a park while drones swooped around me like parrots.

I was prepared for a lot of weird things to happen, but I wasn’t ready for the Bitcoin.

When Hayner and his colleagues showed up, drone in hand, it became immediately clear that this wasn’t really about drones, or even cannabis really. It was about Bitcoin. Jackson Palmer, creator of the notorious Dogecoin, is working with Hayner


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