The Birth Of The CoronaCoin (NCOV): An ERC-20 Cryptocurrency ‘Backed’ By The Coronavirus

The spread of the coronavirus continues, and more countries appear to take serious measures for its containment.  Amid the tragic effect on people’s health, the cryptocurrency space recently saw the birth of the CoronaCoin – a coronavirus-backed token.

The Creation of CoronaCoin

Earlier today, the discussion of the new coronavirus-backed coin was published in a Reddit post. It informs that CoronaCoin (NCOV) will be an ERC-20 token.

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Its primary purpose, according to the website, is to spread awareness across the board. Interestingly enough, the total supply is based on the world population, which means that for each living person, there’s one NCOV. Yet, the token will be burnt once every 48 hours, depending on the number of casualties and infected people from the virus.


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