The Collection of 3D NFT Models on the Binance Smart Chain was Sold Out in 12 hours

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The minting of 3D models from the BMeebits NFT collection began on September 10th and finished the same day, faster than analogous projects with big names such as TronMeebits and Larva Labs. The volume of the BMeebits minting amounted to 1.7 million dollars.

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The BMeebits collection of 3D NFT models consists of 20,000 characters, all of which have found their first owners through minting. The BMeebits collection consists of nine types of characters with various levels of rarity, including Changpeng Zhao, the founder of Binance, and also a unique panda with a stylish Binance and BSC outfit. Each BMeebits could be minted for 0.2 BNB, which is roughly $80 according to today’s exchange rate.

The project included a reward system for buyers, depending on the quantity of BMeebits they minted, that amounted to a total 400 BNB distributed between buyers. By minting 50 BMeebits or more, users could receive up to 3% cashback on all of the purchased BMeebits, and for minting 150, the cashback increased to 7%. Thus, 120 and 280 BNB were distributed among all users.

The BMeebits decentralized development team have stated that they are currently focused on the next stages of developing the project: the release of the marketplace, expected on the 16th of September, where users will be able to buy, sell, and assemble their collection of BMeebits. BMeebits also plans to launch their staking, the governance token, and the corresponding infrastructure within 45 days.

Staking BMeebits will provide users with the opportunity to receive the governance token in return, by freezing their BMeebits in the smart contract. This will give users an initiative to hold onto their BMeebits and not sell them on the marketplace, thus creating a deficit of BMeebits, which will favorably affect their value in the future.

After all of the BMeebits were minted, users began to actively trade their characters. Currently, the value of the largest off-exchange BMeebit trade stands at $100,000, providing the particular participant a 6,000% profit in one day.

About the Project:

BMeebits is a decentralized team of developers that is interested in popularizing the NFT ecosystem. It is actively working on creating new infrastructure and new innovative blockchain products.


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