“The Most Advanced Food” MANA Accepts Bitcoin Payments

MANA, a powdered meal replacement product manufacturer has begun accepting bitcoin payments for sales and shipping of its meals.

Customers of MANA can now purchase 3 weeks, 9 weeks and 15 weeks meal plans with bitcoin through bitcoinpay, a London-based bitcoin merchant payment service provider and processor.

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MANA is a vegan powdered meal replacement product manufacturer which only use organic nutrients and vegetable oil to make nutritionally balanced meals ready to be taken just under a minute of preparation.

As an alternative to Soylent, MANA has been offering cheaper meal plans, at US$2 per 400 kcal drink / powdered meal, with a balanced distribution of protein, vitamins, fat, carbohydrates, minerals and fiber.

With the integration of bitcoinpay’s merchant bitcoin processing API, MANA hopes to see an increase in bitcoin sales over the next few months.

Furthermore, MANA has partnered with the official Apple application “Health,” to enable its customers to track every single element from their Mana consumption with a compiled detailed analysis of each intake. Additionally, users can now purchase MANA powder meal plans directly from the app using bitcoin, speeding up the purchase and decreasing transaction fees for its customers.

The announcement was first made by bitcoinpay, the partnering bitcoin payment processor: “The most advanced food MANA now accepts Bitcoins.”


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