ThinkCoin Making Headway With Partnerships



ThinkCoin, a cryptocurrency that entered the crowded ICO space of 2018 with big dreams and small means, has morphed over the past few months into an interesting opportunity and viable competitor to become one of the top ICOs of the year. Cryptocurrency as a whole has only been a major financial force for under a decade, so this is not unheard of growth potential, but it is still impressive.

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ThinkCoin and its audacious goal: to literally combine traditional and crypto trading markets, replacing the cumbersome, slow, and pricey trading markets with a responsive, quick, and most importantly decentralized direct trading alternative called TradeConnect, is more than just big ideas waiting for funding. In fact, having effortlessly reached their $5 million soft cap in pre-sale, nobody is too concerned about funding at this point.

This is because via TradeConnect, ThinkCoin is offering the entire financial world, both fiat and crypto, a really good idea. An idea could become the bridge between fiat and crypto that for ten years has remained elusive.

And it is not just an idea. The TradeConnect app is already available via iOS and Android. It doesn’t yet offer the robust trading powerhouse platform envisioned by their deeply experienced development team, but it does offer solid proof that this is a plan with action backing it up, not just the dream state of cryptocurrency thought leaders. Crypto trade capabilities will be up and running as soon as October 2018, with the commodities, futures, equities, and other fiat based trading forecast to be ready by January 2019.

ThinkCoin’s Unique Properties

The features that set ThinkCoin and its blockchain-based trading platform apart from its counterparts and competitors are all worth talking about, especially since they have never been attempted before. But it also features improvements to both fiat and crypto trading basics, such as smart contracts, decentralized management, and solid security alongside its distinguishing features.

Smart Contract Capabilities for the Fiat Market

ThinkCoin offers now-predictable smart contract benefits, such as transparency, security, speed, and affordability. However, it also offers the potential for previously unattainable trades in the form of an equal playing field, where investors for whom purchases such as Amazon or Apple would be otherwise out of reach due to high-priced shares and enormous transaction and buy-in fees. 

A Unique Token

ThinkCoin’s 500 million tokens have been pre-mined and hard-capped at $30 million. Tokens can be purchased with ETH, BTC, BCH, or fiat. The drive behind the ThinkCoin is ThinkMarkets, whose team is well established as both financial and business development experts at the helm and a team of blockchain and smart contract strategic advisors.

Digital Persona Matching

TradeConnect invented, or rather borrowed from online dating, an AI-based alogrithm that tracks users activity, including trades and success, price point, frequency, and other pertinent factors. The information is then used to match buyers and sellers, thus improving the quality individual trades as well as their entire experience. To accomplish this the Persona is actually divided into two algorithms – a Trade Quality Persona and a Price-Matching Persona.

Maintaining Newsworthy Status

0Chain Partnership

Because TradeConnect’s unique trading vision involves both on and off-chain transactions out of necessity, one of their strongest strategic moves yet was to partner with 0Chain. A vigorous and ambitious blockchain support provider, 0Chain’s cloud-based capabilities will specifically maintain and store data and increase transaction speed for TradeConnect.

0Chain raised their entire hard cap of $39 million without even launching an ICO, suggesting that they too have a really good idea. They are in New York for Blockchain week attending Concensus 2018 among other events. 

TokenMatch Frontrunner

ThinkCoin was also present at the Blockchain week in NYC. They have recently pitched their project at TokenMatch, a small venue pitching event where 100 investors such as Veritaseum had scouted for new cutting-edge blockchain projects.

With ThinkCoin’s ongoing ability to remain exciting by continually introducing new, thoughtful ideas into the blockchain and fiat investment space, there is sure to be much more to come from this well-designed, culturally relevant ICO.

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