Time to wake up, Bitcoin is more than just the current price

Every time Bitcoin or the underlying blockchain technology make headlines in mainstream media, it won’t take long until the journalist starts referring to the Bitcoin price.

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We all know that Bitcoin had an unnatural price spike in 2013, partially caused by the failing Mt. Gox exchange. Ever since that time, the Bitcoin price has stabilized again after a long decline. The time has come to move beyond that point in history and focus on what really matters.

Moving beyond the Bitcoin price spike

From a mainstream media perspective, it is not hard to see why journalists would keep referring to the high Bitcoin price in 2013 and the decline that followed afterwards. Most of these journalists have no education on Bitcoin whatsoever, yet they have to make these digital currency-related articles as appealing as possible. Bad news, even if it has been rehashed more time than you can count, will always do well.

What these journalists tend to forget is that, right here and right now, we are still at a spectacular price level. When Bitcoin was originally released back in 2009, there was no value to owning any of these digital coins. There was nothing a person could buy with it, yet somehow several people around the world wanted to get their hands on some.

It took until the famous Laszlo Pizza Day before an actual purchase with Bitcoin was made, albeit everything occurred through a third party. From that point forward, it became clear that Bitcoin is  a superior form of transferring funds and value around the world, unlike anything we have ever seen before. Quite a shock, when you consider that Bitcoin is not issued by a government nor by a bank.

Ever since that famous day in Bitcoin history, the price began to creep


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