Tjernlund CC3P Strong HODL Cryptocurrency Indestructible Cold Storage Backup Tool for Offline Safekeeping of Wallet Recover Seeds, Private Keys

Price: $99.99

The Strong HODL Cryptocurrency Backup Tool by Tjernlund allows you to securely and permanently store important information related to cryptocurrency or other digital transactions. Wallet recovery seeds, private keys passwords and other sensitive information can be eternally imprinted on your device credit card-sized device. As a Commercial Grade 304 Stainless Steel device it is hack-proof, fireproof, waterproof, drop-proof , corrosion-proof and shock-proof. And, with its three piece, single fit design you can now add a new layer of security: geographic security. Simply by locating each 1/3 of your device in different locations you remove the value and motivation of finding a single piece and exponentially increase the difficulty of your information being compromised. This device is great for business partners, families, and general individual security. Keep one in a bank, one buried in the ground and one in your nightstand. Give one to each of your kids knowing that they must be shared to create any value. Even simply by putting them in 3 different locations in your home you drastically complicate the temptation or efforts of someone who finds a single piece from taking harmful actions. Along with your 3 interlocking pieces the Strong HODL kit includes a full alphabetical and numeric set of punches. With a hammer, punch your words to eternally imprint them onto the Strong HODL. We even include a practice blank to hone your skills before imprinting the first letter. Use the numbers to order them if you like or further conceal this information by mentally noting the order (row by row or column by column). With 8 words on each piece you can now diminish the threat of someone finding your Backup Tool and hacking your device.You imprint the information directly on the Strong HODL with only the strong of a hammer. All English letters and digits are included with the punch set
Fireproof, waterproof, hack-proof, shock-proof, drop-proof, corrosion proof and geographically protected. The 304 Stainless Steel will last imprinted forever and can be dispersed
Stores important cryptocurrency security information offline such as encrypted hardware wallet recovery seeds, Bitcoin BIP39 private keys
Kit includes discrete packaging, Strong HODL 3 piece interlocking stainless steel backup card, 36 piece alphanumeric punch set, stainless steel practice blank and instructions

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