To Ann – The Woman that Abused Me

Becki Percy, Published on Jan 12, 2017

For years, I have wanted to tell my biological mother the truth. But it has never been safe to do so… Until now. I talk directly to Ann, making her aware that I am no longer scared of her

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Catherine Grace 12 hours ago
For the record the U.K. Authorities were notified of the horrors Beck endured when she first disclosed at almost 14. To understand UK authorities response-Google Kinkora 1400, Holly Greig Justice, & UK child sex abuse Inquiry. It’s a pattern of U.K. Authorities to not investigate. Ann has been notified about Beck’s videos. She knows. So does Lee. To understand the depth & connections Ann & Lee have, a team of 5 from US went to U.K. To investigate them & ended up in jail. The FBI had to be notified. We don’t know anything beyond that. Because I know Ann & Lee both are watching, I would like to ask Ann a few questions. “What part of ‘missing your daughter’ do you miss? The money? The videos? Violent rapes? Or the occasional sex you got to have with those who abused Beck?” FYI it wasn’t you they wanted but underage children you provided. Beck is everything you are not but could have been had you made different choices. She’s brilliant, gorgeous & courageous. You could have been ‘that girl’ but chose not to be. It’s not too late. I know it would be dangerous for you but if you so choose, you will find a way. Just as Beck did. Also for the record, God brought Beck to a family full of law enforcement, we are far from unprotected & have taken extreme measures for her safety & ours. Your names along with Becks story have been given in Federal court and a string of other municipalities. She has no less than 3 attorneys working on her case-pro bono because they believe her. Just as countless others do. The clock is ticking. Your time has run out. Thank you ALL to those who are praying. Beck needs it as do I. The vids are hard for Beck to do but she does it to try to help others. To help us understand as a society & to help children who are still in danger. God bless in Jesus name-CG
Catherine Grace 12 hours ago
YouTuber we don’t know anymore than I said. Honestly. I would think they’ve been released since FBI was called. The org who sent them will not tell us anything further.




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