Top_Header – Distributed Wealth P2P Shared Liquidity Pool is the solution that participants of the financial markets have been asking for. It addresses the inequalities in finance by using transparent blockchain technologies. wants to bring a single trading platform including a toolset with 80+ technical indicators, pattern recognition and expert advisors. Another challenge is bringing the platform to world scale with fast response times. Their targeted trade execution speed is 10ms and they want to achieve a throughput of one million transactions per second.

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Mid Post Ads wants to solve the problem of listing on major exchanges. Each exchange has a different set of rules, which makes it extremely difficult and more important, costly to list on all of these exchanges. plans to make one global platform to make it easier to list and thereby substantially reduce costs – while still accessing the same expertise offered by a traditional investment bank. Background

The idea had been in the making for months. It gained momentum owing to the huge support that they got from industry experts, prospective clients and investors. All of these groups understand the existing inequalities in the financial markets and are excited about the positive change that comes with blockchain technologies. According to CEO, Jim Preissler, the timing was right to deploy the kind of platform that is based on user adoption rates and acceptance.

Token Usage

The token sale was born out of the requirement to raise the necessary funds to develop the platform and exchange. So the token is acting as a medium of exchange and a store of value. Token holders will be able to claim up to 50% of the liquidity pool, containing the daily revenues. Investors are required to pay a fee to join the liquidity pool. This enables them to build a passive income portfolio.

Team Formation and Culture

Every member of the team has been handpicked according to the knowledge, expertise and experience they contribute. They consist of the crème de la crème in finance, banking and blockchain circles. One member did catch our attention, Charles Voltron, who has successfully launched three ventures over the past decade. He has been a coder / hacker / maker for over 16 years. He markets himself as an ICO consultant and as a Dapp and Solidity coder. Charles has performed blockchain/crypto development for DealBox and Nimble Mountain. It is safe to say he is an expert in the field of crypto and blockchain development.

The Challenge of

Jim Preissler told us: “In terms of developing our technologies, we already have the wheels in motion and are due to be ready for Beta testing early next year. So, I would say that one of our main challenges is in getting our message across to our clients.  We want to address the inequalities in finance, and this is something that any trader, upcoming ICO, broker, financial market participant small or large, can benefit from.” Besides that, it will be a huge challenge for to democratize the markets. Roadmap wants to be ready early next year to start with Beta testing. Having already easily surpassed their soft cap of $5 million, they are already in the final stages of development for the platform and exchange that has been promised to their first adopters. The next step is to integrate the technologies with the MT4 platform and to finalize the first-of-a-kind liquidity pool. By the end of 2018, their target is to have acquired a Swiss Banking License as well as to launch a investment bank fully based on blockchain technologies.

Traditionally, brokerages that use the MT4 trading platform to provide a CFD trading service to their clients also have a dealing desk.  This means that it provides an opportunity for the brokerage to trade against the client, in order to secure profit.  With blockchain integration to MT4, all transactions will be publically available on the ledger, thereby not affording the opportunity for the brokerage to act in an unethical manner. Future

In the short term, they will finalize their technologies and strengthen their liquidity pool, and in the longer term, they will continue to provide state-of-the-art blockchain technologies, developed by the keenest minds in order to truly democratize the financial markets.

Pros and Cons


Bringing a single platform for listing on an exchange helps companies reach a greater audience, reduce listing costs and make the process less complicated instead of applying to different sets of rules defined by the multiple major exchanges. is unique because they want to achieve distributed wealth through their unique peer-to-peer shared liquidity pool as well as removing much of the inefficiency in fundraising and IPOs.


It will be a tough challenge for to democratize the markets and bring their message to the world. The idea of is good, reducing costs and making it easier to list, however, it will be a drastic change for the financial industry to switch from traditional models to this decentralized model. Changing existing models will be hard.

Next to that, offering scalability of up to one million transactions per second will be a tough challenge.

Conclusion has a very good idea which can disrupt the financial industry drastically. Reducing costs and making it easier to list on an exchange. Besides that, the offered shared liquidity pool is a unicum, offering investors the opportunity to build a passive income with direct liquid value. The token enables fast execution of transactions and acts as a store of value and medium of exchange within the platform.

Technical Details

Pre-ICO ended on 25th of November 2017 and reached goal of $5 million.
Available Tokens for Crowdfunding: 275,000,000

ICO Period: 28th of November – 15th of December (1 ETH = 150 TradeTokens), 75,000,000 tokens + remainder from pre-ICO.

More info and token sale Website Whitepaper


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