TRON Mainnet Launched: Groundbreaking Blockchain Infrastructure

Yesterday, the widely appreciated TRON stirred again the blockchain community by launching its Mainnet, Odyssey 2.0, which means that it has shed its identity as an ERC20 token and owned a free-standing coin.

Now TRON is the 10th largest cryptocurrency globally.

And the second largest token.

During the few months that TRON has made to and kept such a status, its team has devoted relentless efforts to R&D on building this public chain. Here is the transformation from a soft, volatile marshmallow to a gummy: consistent, solid and ready to uphold further structures.

Now let’s dig deeper into the grounds for its promising future.

TRON is allegedly going to stall after the mainnet, is it so?

     1.Large community.

Community makes TRON stand out among most blockchains originating from China.

The massive community of TRON consists of 1.08 million addresses in more than 100 countries, save those keeping TRXs, the token of TRON, in exchanges. Thus, it is less vulnerable to hostile regulations and political policies, which may obtrude projects putting all eggs in one basket.

TRON is a big hit online. The personal Twitter account of Justin Sun has 448k followers, while TRON Foundation has 300k, with over 50M total monthly impressions. In China, the Weibo accounts of Justin Sun and TRON have ~1M and ~100k followers, respectively. TRON is also ahead of the pack on Youtube, Medium, Reddit and Weibo. The total impression, as I estimate, amounts to at least 100M, and even if only one viewer turns a user among a thousand, TRON should gain 100k new members every month. This is substantive difference that we are talking about.

     2.Clear-sighted Strategy

How far a project can go largely depends on the strategic mind of its founder. And TRON nails it.

As its most peers, TRON started as a decentralized entertainment platform. It was more about sound operation, instead of technological ingenuity. While its complacent competitors rest on what they’ve got, TRON aims higher.

TRON headhunted a number of developers and blockchain experts from BAT (Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent) and other top Chinese Internet companies after the value of TRX ballooned to one hundred times the issue price. With this powerful developing force, TRON published its opensource project in January and has been listed among the top three frequent commit posters on Github for four months in a row.

Brand – R&D – Mainnet – Vote – Tron PG Fund. From the vantage point of hindsight, each step is followed by another in a closely-knitted and rhythmical manner, promising an even brighter future.

      3.Competent Tech Team

As I mentioned, TRON is more than generous in recruiting blockchain experts, who, according to its official website, have impressive CVs. Most of them got postgraduate degrees from top Chinese universities and worked as senior staff in top Internet companies while international academic background is by no means rare.

Compared to its petty competitors in China, TRON has now in command a R&D force par excellence through recruiting and collaboration in the last few months.

The Mainnet Odyssey 2.0 was launched merely two hundred days after TRON, demonstrating astonishing efficiency. It has accumulated 2,153 commits, merged 547 forks, released 15 software iterations, added 102 new features, and gone through 384 unit tests that ensure code security ad 461 function tests. Compared to Ethereum, Odyssey 2.0’s TPS is on a whole other level, ensuring that protocol governance is democratic and decentralized. Providing a high TPS tackles performance issues at their source – issues that have long plagued the industry – and taps into the disruptive power of blockchain technology.

     4.Productive Developers

Dozens of DApps, including blockchain explorers and wallets, were released on the launch day, which doesn’t seem at first sight a big deal until you consider that fact developers of TRON came to this point that had taken Ethereum a whole year in less than two months. As the USD 2B Fund, Tron PG, is set up to reward developing on and for this platform, more talents and DApps are expected to join in the future.

     5.Active Operation

TRON made its first bucket of gold with its operation team, who has never ceased to initiate effective campaigns though the burgeoning R&D force seems to have overshadow its glamour.

Just before the mainnet was launched, millions of TRX tokens, or candies as Justin Sun calls them, were given away. This campaign lasted for only a week, and the size of Chinese Telegram Group increased to 100k. For the English group, 100k; the Korean, 70k. Besides a multilingual bulletin published weekly, TRON has a variety of elaborately designed outlets. In particular, almost each user comment on Weibo is replied by dedicated staff. The comprehensive and penetrating operation is a secret recipe of its success.

Given these considerations, TRON will definitely not stall after the mainnet launch and more positives are expected to bear on us. The Super Representative Election, which is scheduled on 26 June, will be a peak on its road to independence. In the words of Justin Sun, the founder of TRON:

It has just begun.

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