Tron [TRX] DApp Weekly Report: DApp users favor gambling, high-risk ROI

Tron [TRX], the tenth largest coin on CoinMarketCap, was on a bull ride after the market turned green. The market performance of the token fell in line with the performance of Tron DApps as users spent $31 million on DApps in a single day. The weekly update on DApps was recently released, informing users about the developments in the Tron ecosystem.

The report suggested that among all the DApps on Tron, gambling DApps and high-risk ROI DApps were the most active. Contrarily, collectible games, PVP battling games, puzzle games, board games, and card games managed to survive for only a short period of time

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The Foundation observed that new DApps on Tron were high-risk ROI DApps, and the market favored gambling apps and the ROI Apps, a high-risk application. However, the report noted that gambling applications were failing to excite users because of their redundancy, playing a major role in users choosing high-risk ROI applications.

The DApps market was on a path of recovery and reflected a significant increase in the number of users and trading volume. The daily average trading volume of the coin was noted to be over $17 million in the past seven days, resulting in it becoming the public chain with the largest trading volume in the DApp ecosystem.

Tron DApps overtook EOS and ETH in terms of trading volume. According to reports, Tron’s account numbers crossed 2 million last week and the growth exceeded that of EOS and ETH. This suggested that many DApps were choosing Tron over its other competitors as their first public chain.

Tron [TRX], at press time, was valued at $0.0235 with a market cap of $1.57 billion. The token noted a 24-hour trading volume of $174 million, while noting a growth of 4.01% over the past day. Over the week, the token reported a growth of 4.32%, and it continued to rise by 0.16% within the past hour, at press time.

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