Tron’s Odyssey lists out developments and future DApp programs

Tron [TRX] and its updates keep on pouring in as the bear continues to rule over the cryptocurrency market. The price crunch has not stopped CEO Justin Sun or the Tron Foundation from making their presence felt in the cryptosphere. The last major update regarding Tron occurred last week when the Tron hardfork Odyssey v3.5 was launched.

Post the hardfork, the Odyssey released its latest weekly report covering the changes as well as the updates in the ecosystem. In terms of ecosystem development, Odyssey will keep developing the OCN Chain and supporting cross-chain interoperability which will benefit more business transactions and DApp developments in the ecosystem.

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Odyssey’s Github repository moved to a new address due to issues with updating the progress on the old Github address. The report stated that the new address will support and show all the latest updates in the Odyssey ecosystem. In terms of ‘Tech development completed’, the prototype design of the 3rd DApp was successful as well as the first game on the OCDApp platform was released.

The Foundation stated that the development of the 3rd DApp will be the next area of focus. Over the course of the last few weeks, the Odyssey community grew, with Twitter impressions reaching an all-time high of 62.54 million.

Odyssey was put back on the map after Justin Sun’s v3.5 release announcement on 2 March. The Odyssey update also covered the Tron Improvement Protocol [TIP] namely the TIP12, TIP16, and TIP17. TIP12 is based on the event subscribe model of Tron, which is used to subscribe to blockchain events, contract logs and contract events from the Tron Full node.

TIP16 will handle the standard interference of account multi-signature. This includes three kinds of permissions: owner permission, active permission and witness permission. TIP 17 was in charge of the standard interface of the adaptive energy limit model. This was created keeping in mind the energy consumed during the creation of smart contracts. Tron’s blog explained,

“For example, if the total amount of TRX frozen for Energy in the current network is 1_000_000_000 TRX, and an account with 1_000 TRX frozen accounts for one millionth of the total amount frozen, then the Energy limit for that account is 32400 Energy.”

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