Trump Euphoria Sets In; Small Businesses Optimism Surges Most Since 1980: What’s It Mean? / Mike “Mish” Shedlock / January 10, 2017

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Trump Euphoria Sets In

The NFIB Small Business Index surged 7.4 points to 105.8, the
highest reading since December 2004.

Leading the charge was “Expect Better Business Conditions,” which shot up from a net 12 percent in November to a net 50 percent last month.

Bloomberg noted U.S. Small-Business Optimism Index Surges by Most Since 1980. Let’s start with Bloomberg comments, then dive into the report.

Bloomberg Comments

  • “Rising confidence adds to the economy’s upward momentum,” Jim O’Sullivan, chief U.S. economist at High Frequency Economics in Valhalla, New York, said in a note. At the same time, the “NFIB membership appears to be disproportionately Republican, so it is possible that the data will start overstating strength, opposite the pattern during the Obama administration.”



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