Updated Bminer 10.2.0 With a Wider Equihash 144,5 Support

The last major release of Bminer 10.0.0 has introduced support for Equihash 144,5 mining, though it was limited to only Zhash used by Bitcoin Gold (BTG), but the latest update 10.2.0 opens up the doors to all Equihash 144,5 coins. You can now mine all coins that use the Equihash 144,5 with the use of the -pers command line parameter setting up the coin you want to mine. You can now mine BitcoinZ, SafeCoin, ZelCash, SnowGem and others that use the Equihash 144,5 algorithm with the latest Bminer 10.2.0. We remind you that that Bminer is a closed source Nvidia GPU miner available for Linux and Windows in the form of pre-compiled binaries and that there is a 2% development fee for Bytom (BTM), Equihash and Zhash coins, 0.65% for Ethash and 1.3% for dual mining Ethash and Blake.

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To download and try the latest release of the Bminer 10.2.0 Nvidia GPU miner…


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