Using XMRig for Mining RandomX, RandomWOW and RandomXL on CPU

If you are looking for a CPU miner with support for the RandomX mining algorithm that Monero (XMR) will be forking to you might want to try the latest XMRig miner. Apart from the RandomX algorithm it also supports two variations, namely the RandomWOW used by Wownero and RandomXL used by Loki, so that you can get actual performance on what hashrate to expect from your CPUs. If you need a pool where you can test the new RandomX algorithm you try the We remind you that currently AMD’s latest Ryzen CPUs do manage to offer the best performance in terms of hashrate. Also CPU performance of a higher-end processor for RandomX currently better than what you will most likely get from a single or even multiple GPU mining rig for the moment…

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XMRig Algorithm names to use:
– rx/0 for RandomX (Monero)
– rx/wow for RandomWOW (Wownero)
– rx/loki for RandomXL (Loki)

To download and try the latest version of the XMRig CPU miner with RandomX support…


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