What makes Bitcoin so popular in Sweden?

Recently there were only positive news surrounding the bitcoin presence in the Nordic countries, and today we are happy to state that there is an increased interest in the bitcoin coming from Sweden. What is more interesting is the product that attracts the interest. No, it is not a regular bitcoin, it is an exchange traded note (ETN) that is based on the bitcoin launched by a UK company called Global Advisors.

As the bitcoin has green in its value from $900 to nearly $3000 within just a year, there were quite many companies and wealthy individuals looking into allocating a share of their investment portfolio into the crypto currencies. Unlike a regular purchase of the bitcoins, getting ETNs on the bitcoin can be done much easier. As seen on, the ETNs are listed on the Swedish NASDAQ and everyone who has access to it, even via an online banking, can easily obtain their share of the bitcoin.

In other words, there is almost nothing different from the interest in the bitcoin in Sweden when compared to other countries. What makes the whole situation much different is the accessibility, investing in the bitcoin on Swedish NASDAQ by purchasing a share of an ETN is definitely much easier for typical investors than acquiring bitcoins via some sort of an exchange.

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It is also possible to see more countries showing positive signs to the bitcoin. Recently, Japan has legalised the bitcoin, Philippines have started seeing it as an alternative to fiat currencies, and Australia has simply managed to find a more appealing taxation system by removing the double taxation out of the bitcoin translations. Such positive policies, an increased growth in the BTC/USD rate, increased availability and accessibility will strengthen the bitcoin’s future’s rate and, hopefully, will make the share of the transactional deals much higher than speculation.

Apart from that, there might be something more coming next to bitcoin ETNs. Recently, a company has started negotiating a launch of the world’s-first cryptocurrency mutual fund with the Swiss financial regulators. Hence, we can see an even greater interest in the bitcoin by the financial trading companies.

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