Why Investors Need to Keep an Eye Out for LISK (LSK) in 2019

While the crypto industry has churned out many great projects, Lisk has been a slow and steady player. In an industry full of noise, it’s refreshing to see a project with consistent development, successful milestones, and regular tech improvements and developments. Lisk is one of those coins rising in ranks and may even infiltrate the list of top 10 largest digital currencies this year. Even though the bear market has made things challenging, project Lisk will most likely persist. A closer look at the project reveals that it’s a promising and upcoming player. Sitting 37th on the list of largest cryptos by market cap, Lisk is a coin worth looking into, and investors should keep an eye on it in 2019.

What is Lisk?

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Lisk was initially launched in 2014 under a different name, Crypti. It can best be described as a development platform that makes it easy for developers to build and deploy DApps (Decentralized Applications). One of the biggest problems in the crypto-industry is having developers get up to speed on building blockchains. Developers often have a hard time making sense of the granular codebases that power blockchain under the hood. Moreover, they can also find themselves at the mercy of centralized platforms such as Google Play. Such entities usually end up getting the lion’s share of the developer’s revenue and stunting project growth and development.

The creators behind Lisk identified this problem and wanted to create a platform that would allow and inspire creativity. In 2016, Lisk held an ICO campaign where they successfully sold 100 million of the project’s tokens, roughly equal to 78% of the token’s total supply. They managed to raise $5.8 million or so, allowing Lisk to focus on developing a platform where developers can easily create DApps and earn more equitable revenues. Their goal was to simplify development by focusing on JavaScript which would ultimately open-source the platform open to millions of developers globally.

What Makes Lisk Stand Out?

Lisk stands out with both investors and developers for several reasons. The first reason is that Lisk makes use of JavaScript which is one of the most popular programming languages in use today. Moreover, the platform has a professional software development kit that makes DApp creation easy. With it, developers have the ability to create and download digital apps in one package in a very convenient manner. In this way, developers can focus exclusively on their apps without having to recreate new blockchains or the programming languages that they need for them from scratch.

Lisk has also found a way to deal with scalability problems by introducing sidechains to the primary blockchain. These sidechains enable Lisk to substantially increase their transactions per second (TPS) without running into scaling issues. In theory, by using sidechains, Lisk can deploy chains and systems that feature infinite scalability. These systems can also run better and more performant security protocols and power more features for any given project. Whenever DApps on the platform start experiencing problems, they can be easily separated from the blockchain without affecting the rest of the blockchain.

Lastly, Lisk has a fantastic team which is seasoned, organized, and active. Lisk has signed key partnerships and collaborations over the years, some of which have been with the likes of Microsoft Azure, ShapeShift, and Lightcurve. These partnerships have solidified the project as a real, active, and growth-oriented project that has successfully executed on the development end of things and has shown great potential for the future. While the project’s token is not very expensive at the current point in time, it’s bound to increase in the future. If market analysis and predictions are anything to go by, 2019 will be an excellent year for the project.


Lisk has come a long way from its Crypti days. From a kitchen table full of coders to bigger teams with offices in Germany and Berlin, Lisk is flourishing. While Lisk remains in the shadows, it is quietly and steadily rising and becoming an incumbent in its field. Only time will tell what becomes of Lisk, but it would be a good idea to keep an eye on the innovative and active Lisk team.


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