Wilson Jones Ring Ledger Outfit, Bookkeeping System with Ring Binder, Ledger Sheets, and A-Z Indexes (W0203-58BLA)

Price: $36.11

A complete bookkeeping system. Great for starting out a new business or organization. Simplified bookkeeping system includes a six-ring, 3/8″ ring diameter binder, ledger sheets; and A to Z indexes. 24 lb. ledger sheets printed on both sides in green ink and set up for accounts payable and receivable, with Debit/Credit/Balance columns. Ledger sheets are refillable with Wilson Jones stock #W758-50A.Basic, simplified bookkeeping system includes Ring Binder, refillable Ledger Sheets, and A-Z Indexes.
Ledger Sheet refill (W758-50A) can be ordered separately.
Vinyl-guarded cover cleans easily, 1-inch capacity
Features opening and closing triggers
Indexes not sold separately

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