XTrade Offers Attractive Fee Structure and Lucrative Spreads

Fee structure and spreads: both matter a lot for a trader as they tend to prefer the broker that brings them attractive fee structure and lucrative spreads. When it comes to the two features, reading the latest and updated XTrade reviews you come to know that this broker possesses a rare quality of ensuring no-hidden fee.

A lot of traders get a pleasant surprise when they come to know that there are not many CFD brokers that offer such features. As XTrade does not charge traders on per-trade basis; rather, uses fix spreads for Forex orders, a huge chunk of traders prefer it over the rest others. Nonetheless, the spread between sale and purchase for EUR/USD is only 2 pips.

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Additionally, the traders who open an account with this brokerage firm are given a maximum of 1:400 leverage to trade. Thus, the broker enables them to take out a higher return on investment i.e. investing just $100 can yield a maximum of $40,000 in returns.

A Range of Trading Assets and User-Friendly Trading Platform

XTrade is the broker that has plenty of trading assets for traders. For instance, here they get to trade commodities such as Gold, Silver, Oil, etc. Here to this brokerage firm offers a maximum leverage of 1:200. Apart from commodities and Forex, XTrade also brings the world’s largest stock markets from USA, Japan, Germany, France, etc. for traders.

Thus, the traders who open a trading account with this brokerage firm get maximum opportunities and global exposure to earn attractive returns. Needless to say the trading platform that matter a lot for traders also come with excellent features. For instance, they offer tools that allow traders set automated trades on their stocks.

With automated trades, traders can automatically close their positions when they are on profit or in loss. The traders while trading stocks get the maximum leverage of 1:200. It is absolute commission-free as well.

Least but not the last, XTrade also provides traders with daily technical reports of many trading instruments that have been mentioned above. Thus, it is helping the traders make best from their trading with this brokerage firm.

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