Top_Header – A blockchain based question and answer platform is going to start its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a under-development blockchain-based question-and-answer platform that uses a new consensus algorithm – PoF (proof of flow) to reward content creators, curators and third party platforms.It is developed by senior members of China Bitshares community. Unlike its competitors(i.e. steemit), yoyow provides full toolkit for content compliance. But yet, it is still a fully decentralized blockchain content platform. yoyow is going to start its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) on BitFundPE owned in the coming months.


Following are some main features of yoyow project:

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Blockchain-based Content Platform

All text content such as articles, urls are storage on the yoyow blockchain, multi-media content such as images, videos will be storage on InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) network. The underlying architecture used by yoyow
blockchain is Graphene, which provides lightning fast confirmation speed and it is essential to a blockchain- based content platform.

Content Compliance

Like witness system used by bitshares, yoyow has a similar system called “Council”.The members of Council are elected by stakeholders of the platform. Except for generate blocks, etc. the Council also has the right of removing content from the blockchain if it violates the law. BUT the removal right can only be used when majority reached in the Council.

PoF (proof of flow)

For any kind of social media platform and website, its value is always about website traffic. Platform carry information users needed.  Traffic brings advertisement and profits to platform. So we believe user’s value to the platform can be evaluated by how many effective traffic users brings to the yoyow platform, and at the same time, yoyow gives rewards to users that creating useful content which attract more traffic to the yoyow platform.

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